Enrollment Office


The District Enrollment Office

222 Maple Ave. Waukesha, WI. 53186

Telephone: 262-970-1024

Address Changes:

Address changes are completed

Residency Verification:

At least two of the items below can be used as verification of address. All documents must be current, valid and in the name of the parent/guardian enrolling the student.

*Please note: Only one document from each group may be submitted:

Group One

· Mortgage or property deed

· Apartment or home lease

· Filed homestead exemption

Group Two

· Utility bill within the past 30 days

· Utility deposit receipt for new service

Group Three

· Automobile registration or automobile insurance

· Driver’s license

· Voter registration card

· Department of Health and Human Services document for benefits

· IRS documents from the most recent tax year

· Notarized Residency Verification Form and/or personal visit by designated school district official

· Certified copy of filed petition for guardianship if pending, and final decree when granted